I feel the one of the biggest challenges facing mining companies is that of community shared values. Making every stakeholder feel and understand that mining is a net positive contributor to society is crucial. All stakeholders should be aware of the positive impact that mining has on civil society, but I don’t think the role it plays is appreciated enough.

But, because mining is so vital and necessary, I envision society having a more positive view on all aspects of it. For example, community unrest based on the perception that the value generated by all mining activities are not being shared could be alleviated by cultivating a better understanding and appreciation of the economic benefits of mining for all.
Secondly, the challenge of employee demands and a growing winner-takes-all mentality amongst all players remains a critical challenge facing mining companies today. Shareholders, customers, manufacturers, procurement officers, government, and employees all want to benefit. This winner-takes-all mindset is counterproductive. Employee demands for higher salaries and shareholders, not wishing to further divide capital, can perhaps be resolved by clarifying the definition of shared value. I believe the type of thought leadership demanded today should be based on the core principals of defining shared value with the result that all partners feel that mining is a net positive contributor to the well-being and prosperity of all.


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