These short Client Studies provide insights into our capabilities and services for our global clients across sectors. We hope there are issues here that might resonate with you.

People and Performance Management

The people who work for JustGiving expect the best of each other and to make the workplace somewhere they want to be, because they like coming to work and get on well. Jerry and the Thymometrics team were called in to help with their revolutionary approach to ‘always-on’ engagement measurement.

Andy Meike, Head of People at JustGiving said, “The views and opinions of the people who work here, how they feel and respond to events, or changes that are introduced, are crucial. A survey system is used which they can dip in and out of all year round, whenever they feel the need to. This means the business can gauge the feelings and attitudes of their people not only annually or seasonally – but monthly, weekly or even daily if they wish.”

Andy continued, “I think annual surveys are a farce. How can we measure in September for instance, and then still feel it is okay to be using that data eight months later. It could be completely irrelevant. It does not allow us to map events on the top of employee experience. A survey taken the week before Christmas may be affected by the time of year – possibly upbeat because of the season, or by the mood of those feeling anxious about the start of a New Year. If it’s an annual event, it won’t be taken again until the same time the following year.”

Thymometrics are already giving benefits, highlighting a confidential matter where there was disenchantment and giving them insights into the good things too. It could be something as simple as questioning and understanding the benefit of regularly communicating strategy to the business. Now it is easier to identify obstacles, observe shifts and manage potential repercussions, as well as give recognition to the successes. Altogether this plays an essential role
 in the enlightened shared vision that is . . . JustGiving.